What the heck is an ort jar?

You know when you're browsing Instagram and everyone in your feed is posting with a new hashtag and you have no idea what it means?

That's how I felt with the #ortjar.

From looking at the photos with the tag, I could clearly tell it was a jar you put your embroidery floss scraps in but I could not figure out what an "ort" was.

A quick Google search filled me in that an ort is a leftover bit of thread and might be an abbreviation for old ratty tails or odd remnants and threads.

But what I found most curious was the inspiriation for the ort jar:

The practice of making ort jars was probably inspired by witch bottles displayed in museums that contain knotted bits of thread and string. The saved fibers were intended to ward away evil spirits or protect the home from evil spells cast by enemies. via embroidery.about.com

I don't really believe in witches or evil spirits but I think it's a fun history.

My current work in progress here is Christmas Celebration from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and for my ort jar I'm using a Ball wide mouth pint jar with a plastic lid.