Preschool Art Quilt Completed

I've spent my limited sewing time over the past few months completing this quilt. I was commissioned by my son's preschool to put assemble this quilt from fabric printed with art the kids in the 2 day class (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old) created. The completed quilt will be auctioned off at the school's silent auction fundraiser in May.

The class coordinator ordered the quilt blocks through Original Works. I thought the fabric was very papery feeling and they obviously used an iron on transfer to get the art onto the fabric because when I tried to press my blocks the color started coming off. It was hard to sew and just about impossible to press with the Original Works quilt blocks. If we do this project again next year, I am going to suggest we use Spoonflower to get the kids' art on to a better quality fabric.

I used simple 2 1/2" strips (if I hadn't wanted to use existing scraps to keep costs low for the school, I could have purchased a new Jelly Roll to make this really quick and easy). I sashed between each art block and then put a border around the entire thing. The back is yellow minky (yellow is the "class color" for their cubbies and name tags so I thought the kids would like that). I made the binding from even more scraps.

The art blocks were a terribly awkward 7.875" wide by 6" high and the number of blocks was simply determined by the number of kids in the class so I'm not going to share exact measurements and yardage requirements for all the pieces of this quilt, but if you want to create your own, dimensions would be very easy to calculate with my Quilty Math Workbook.